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Register on our ‘Bulk Order’ marketplace to be alerted when corporate partners engage us (as part of an office decommission) to help redistribute furniture direct from their offices. If you’re looking for individual pieces or quality furniture available right now at warehouse prices, check out our warehouse stock at ‘GFH Direct’.

Bulk Order

Be alerted to when furniture becomes available at our clients’ offices. Pay just $500 (free for charities) for a bulk quantity + any delivery or handling costs.

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GFH Direct

Shop items available now from our warehouse and discover gems at incredible prices. Pick-up or have delivered.

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Save thousands of dollars, right here.

The ‘Bulk Order’ customer advantage

View our our clients’ furniture listings at any time by registering with your email address. Instead of paying per item, our system keeps track of the volume of your chosen furniture. At the checkout we charge a flat fee of just $500 for each three tonne truckload (15m3) of furniture plus any handling or delivery costs. That’s mighty! Equivalent to around 50 office chairs or 20 desks. You secure top brands at incredible value while helping our environment too. Note: Any unused volume of your 15m3 balance will expire after one month.

The ‘GFH Direct’ advantage

Shop direct from our warehouse for quality items recovered from refurbishment and relocation projects. As industry experts, we know our furniture and spend a great deal of time sourcing top brands and quality items that are still in great condition. No minimum quantities, just gems available now at incredible prices. Pickup or deliver.

Flexible and cost effective

Why spend many thousands of dollars on new furniture when you can redirect that cashflow into generating income? Whether you are a start-up or small-to-medium sized business, we can set you up with quality furniture for re-use and move with you as you grow. Or, if you’re a larger organisation looking to save money or incorporate sustainable practices into your large fit-out, we can handle that too.

Together we are the green solution

Every truckload of furniture you select is another truckload CO2 and harmful pollutants kept out of our landfill. With ever increasing pressure to better manage our planet’s finite resources and growing corporate social responsibility, this is a win-win situation