Become a GFH Partner

As a Green Furniture Hub (GFH) Partner, you can redistribute or recycle surplus furniture that might have otherwise been directed to landfill. We’ll work with your organisation as part of the make-good, refurbishment or relocation process. You will make a strong environmental statement with the landfill diversion while helping other organisations or charities in the process. It’s a win, win.

From a floor to a whole building – we manage it all for you. There is a fee for this service but typically it’s no more than what you would incur by sending all these items to landfill via a demolition service. Register by clicking the button below. If you have any images of your furniture, please email them to [email protected]

Let’s do it!

We need people like you who share our vision.

First Step

Click here or below and let’s make a difference together. We’ll meet with your team on site and develop a customised plan that ensures your key dates for removal of all these items are achieved. Next, our audit team will review, catalogue and list your surplus furniture on the GFH marketplace. It’s that easy.

A new home

All surplus furniture is actively promoted to our comprehensive customer database to pre-allocate the items well before your refurbishment or make-good deadline. We will keep you regularly up to date on this process.

Moving out

On an agreed date and time, we’ll manage all the logistics including working with building management, dismantling items, and managing customer pick-ups or deliveries. Our work is completed just prior to the broader strip-out ensuring demolition or capital works programs are not impacted.

Keeping it green

Our absolute priority is to keep office furniture out of landfill, extend its use, and provide you with a sustainable and cost effective solution. Where items are not selected by our customers and charities, or are at end-of-life, we’ll switch into resource recovery mode by separating materials into recycling streams. We then will remove all remaining items and materials from site and transport to recycling, waste management or storage facilities.

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